Benefits of Cukes/Lemons

Some have asked me why my website name is CucumberLemon. It is because: (1) Both are commonly available and widely known fresh produce; although I haven’t been to Africa yet, I assume even people in Timbuktu know what a cucumber and/or a lemon are. (2) With English as my secondary language, I found that I don’t have to repeat these two words to people when speaking to a native English speaker. (3) Lastly, I believe that both cucumbers and lemons deliver a natural freshness with the spring colors of green and yellow.

Let me share my readings, on the benefits of Cucumbers and Lemons!

Holy Cukes – They’re Awesome: …cucumbers have a surprisingly high level of vitamin K. Vitamin K is very important, especially as we get older, as it promotes bone mass building in our skeletal systems and limits neuronal damage in the brain for people with Alzheimer’s disease… (Excerpt from the Link)