Bermuda is…

It is said that the Bermuda Triangle extends from Bermuda to Miami (Florida), and then down to San Juan (Puerto Rico). Our sailing from North Carolina to Bermuda was outside of the triangle but without knowing the apexes, like it matters?

New Zealand “Emirates Team” Entering Semi-Final Race, Bermuda

Bermuda does not have a seat in the United Nations. It is a British Overseas Territory and represented by Britain in matters of foreign affairs. Bermuda attends the Olympic Games with its own flag. Its populations is about 70,000 people.

A home of the 35th America’s Cup

We happened to visit Bermuda during the 35th America’s Cup Sailing Race. It is amazing to watch the race. For almost for a month, teams from different countries competed with each other. There were Youth America’s Cup races, J-Class races, Tall Ships, and Super Yachts Regatta also. So many super sailboats have been around the island during this time. It is funny that when a bigger boat shows up, the other big boat looks like a dugout canoe in comparison. It taught me it doesn’t matter whose boat is bigger. Just being happy with what I have, matters the most. The final teams, the New Zealand “Emirates Team” and America’s “Team Oracle”, will race against each other this weekend. These racing boat foil through the water at close to 45 knots (55 mph) just powered by wind and human labor/skills. Technology might be the clue for the winning.

Bermudian Roof with White Gutter for Rain Water Collection

Bermudian roofs are always painted white.

Bermudians know the value of fresh water and how to use the rain water. There are no rivers or freshwater lakes in Bermuda. All buildings and houses collect the rain water. I was told the roofs are built with limestone and painted with white paint that specially purifies water. The water collected by the roof goes to a water tank under the ground for each home or property. Some old time Bermudians keep gold fish in the water tank. These gold fish turn white after living in the water tank with no sunlight. They eat any bugs or algae in the water tank keeping the rain water clean and drinkable. More modern Bermudians just put in a filter and do it that way!

Public Bathroom, Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermuda is the cleanest island we have ever seen.

It is rare to see litter in Bermuda, the beaches are clean, the city is clean and the streets are clean. We were told the Bermudians don’t throw the trash on the street or ocean but also pickup if they see any. Public toilets are always super clean.

City Hall, Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermuda is boat safe and boating-friendly.

We don’t worry about our dinghy stolen. Unlike any other island or the USA we didn’t lock the dinghy on the shore. The water is clean. I enjoyed swimming even at the anchorage. I didn’t experience any itching after swimming in the water. Beaches are so beautiful. No bug bites! No worries about no-see-uhms nor mosquitos. Bermudians are nice, know the ocean, and understand boating life.

Bermuda is EXPENSIVE.

It took a couple of weeks for us stop saying the word ‘Expensive’ in Bermuda. I paid about 4 times more for bottled water here than in the USA, a 3 liter bottle (less than a gallon) is about $4 in the grocery. A bus ride is $5, groceries are about 2 to 4 times more expensive than in the States. A simple dinner in a restaurant easily costs $50/person. A bottle of beer in the grocery was $3 and in the restaurant was about $9+tip. There is no McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Huts… There is one KFC in town though. Internet data is expensive ($99 for 5GB + $20 for a SIM Card) so are phone calls (additional costs). One time, we complained about the price comparing with the US price. The store person told us, it is ‘the other side of the ocean’. Since then, we just accept the price and no longer say the word ‘Expensive’. We finally learned that the best idea is to enjoy what Bermuda offers without complaining about the price. I didn’t verify but we were told it is the most expensive place to live on the planet. Knowing this, if coming here cost-efficiently, it might be best to visiting Bermuda by a cruise ship. There are many cruise lines that come here from the U.S. east coast.

Tobacco Bay, Saint George’s, Bermuda

Reef, East Coast View from Bermuda

Water Bottle Refill Station, Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda

National Assembly (Middle of the Picture), Hamilton, Bermuda

A Church in Hamilton, Bermuda

Botanical Garden in Bermuda

Bermuda National Library: WiFi Access Available

Colorful Buildings, Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

Buildings near Washington Mall, Hamilton, Bermuda

A Computer Repair Store, Hamilton, Bermuda

Karate School in Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermudian Roof in St. George’s in Bermuda

Tall Ship Leaving Hamilton, Bermuda

A Tall Ship with All Sails Raised, Hamilton,, Bermuda

A Tall Ship Leaving Hamilton, Bermuda

J-Class Sailboats Gliding on the Water

J-Class Sailboat Regatta, Bermuda

J-Class Yachts: Single Masted Racing Sailboats

Swedish Raceboat ‘Team Artemis’ Being Repaired, Bermuda

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