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Cyclone season (November to April) in the South Pacific is over but John broke his wrist

John’s Broken Wrist with a Hard Casting, Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand

Sailing life sounds rosy, but staying in a boatyard demands a lot of patience. The boat is on land so the toilets, kitchen sink, and main refrigeration on the boat have been disconnected. We use the boatyard common area for bathrooms, washing dishes, and other tasks and sleep in unorganized cabin for now.

We were aware of the high quality of boating work in New Zealand and we arrived at Port Whangarei Marine Centre ( with a list of repairs and upgrades.

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A Month Stay in Auckland, New Zealand

River by Waipapa Dam, Outside of Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

The population of New Zealand is about 5.2 million. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand while Auckland is the largest city with about 30% of the country’s population.

Auckland is known as the “City of Sails”. In 2017, when we sailed in Bermuda, we witnessed Team USA losing the America’s Cup to Team New Zealand. Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021, Team New Zealand successfully defended the cup. The next race, the 37th America’s Cup is scheduled to take place between August and October 2024 Barcelona,

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Cleaning up My Digital World

Our New Home, Marina San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico

Since arriving in San Carlos, on the mainland side of Mexico, a lot of things happened to us in less than a month. John got COVID and fully recovered after a week or so. My COVID test result was negative, his was positive. I lost the sense of smell for five days, John did not. John had a 102 degree fever; I had no fever at all. John could barely talk, and I enjoyed the silence. I am recovered but still coughing. Our friend is still dealing with his COVID symptoms.

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Waiting Waiting Waiting

John relaxing at Waterfall in Yelapa, Mexico

From Monday to Saturday, it seems we spend lots of time waiting for contracted jobs to be completed. Waiting makes us frustrated. Because of the heat and strong sun, we don’t really push the delivery date, and it is super hard to do any outside work after 10am. To motivate ourselves, on Sundays, we committed to explore this area. I get more energy when I meet and talk to people. I feel healthier when I do outdoor activities.

PS: This area, Puerto Vallarta offers a lot to the tourists. Many condo buildings and hotels are all over.

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Patting Ourselves on the Back

Ready for Splash, La Cruz Shipyard, Mexico

The summer weather here is like being in a sauna. It didn’t stop us working on the boat, nonstop for three weeks. I started my day with a bug-spray shower. I quickly found applying sunblock lotion is useless as my sweat immediately washes it off. My main struggle was not the heat nor physical work. It was dealing with bug bites as it made me crazily itch.

An episode happened when the boat was back in the water. Somehow, the propeller of the boat was installed backwards. Driving the boat backward goes forward and vice versa.

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Macho Solo

Tool “Macho Solo” (A pair of Pliers) according to a worker when we were in Colombia

It is normal to paint the boat bottom every two to three years, in order to prevent marine growth. We have the boat hauled out in La Cruz shipyard in Mexico. The mast has been removed for corrosion/repaint work. Sails are being inspected and repaired by “North Sails” loft in Puerto Vallarta. For other projects, we hired contractors. The rest including the bottom paint, we do on our own. Strangely, I am enjoying doing physical work. It feels rewarding when a task is done.

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Boat Maintenance Time in La Cruz Marina Shipyard in Mexico

Possible heavy rain this afternoon and tonight, June 19th, 2021. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Sailing around the World” is still our dream. I have been sailing for last 7 years. However, just looking at the circumnavigation route on the globe, we, so far, sailed from Florida to Pacific side Mexico. We enjoyed sailing the Caribbean and two Atlantic Ocean crossing there and back, but this is not a part of our original route. We still need to sail the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the South Atlantic Ocean, about 95% to go of our plan. Pandemic seems to be delaying us 2-3 years here.

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Boat Repairs in Chaguaramas, Trinidad

The craziness in the tropical heat is about to end. John’s boat working fever finally has calmed down. Bad Bunny looks really shiny and sharp from the rub rail down. Unfortunately according to John, this just means we have to do more work on the deck to make it all match! (?)

We have been staying at Peake’s Yachting Services (boatyard) for almost three months. We like the ample space and friendly employees in Peake’s Marine. Bunny got a new paint job (Hull, Mast, Bottom, and Dinghy), also miscellaneous repairs and upgrades (Gelcoat Repair, Welding, New Bow Protector,

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Boat Repair and Life in a Boatyard in Trinidad

We are living in a boatyard in Chaguaramas for now, to get “Bad Bunny” repaired and enhanced. This place is a main boat repair center in the Caribbean. All is easily accessible by walk or bike-ride here. We hired contractors for painting, pulling out the mast by a rigger and a crane, welding, repairing sails and new windows in the dodger, making a new stainless bow protector, and more. We haven’t seen the final results yet but we feel optimistic.

Life in a boatyard is somewhat dusty and sweaty. To improve it, we rented an A/C to stay cool and bug free when we stay inside of the boat.

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Watch – Pulling the Mast out of S/V Bad Bunny

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