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Pictures from Puerto Vallarta Area, Mexico

My new way of eating pear with Chile/Salt/Lime powder in Mexico

Local Fishing Boat with Recycled Vehicle Top, La Cruz Fishing Port, Mexico

Banderas Bay County Mayor Inauguration Event, La Cruz Marina, Mexico

Wedding on the Beach by La Cruz Marina, Mexico

Sunrise at La Cruz Marina, Mexico

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Exercise, the Fountain of Youth

Sunrise at Marina La Cruz, Mexico

“Dwell on the beauty of life.” — Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor from 161 to 180 and a Stoic philosopher)

Practice brings us better living. Thus when I am awake, I practice “Dwell on the beauty of life”. It lets me to live mindfully with appreciation.

My sailing around the world has been stopped. I am happy that I am here in Mexico not in French Polynesia at this moment, living on the boat. Mexico is pretty free and laid back with COVID restrictions. There are tourists, tour boats, organized tours etc.

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Traveling by sailboat from Chiapas to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico

Empty Cruise Ship Terminal in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico Riviera) during COVID Time in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico! I didn’t know much about this place until we arrived. During non-COVID times, many cruise ships stopped here. There are beautiful condo buildings and houses all over. The area looks similar to the best parts of South Florida, a combined retiree town of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Most commercial places have three flags flying at the entrance: Mexican, USA, and Canadian flags. It made me realize Mexico is a part of the North American Continent. The marina resort area is very clean and looks like a tiny Disney world with sculptured gardens and beautiful flowers.

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Eleven Days Traveling in Nicaragua

Active Volcano Crater, Masaya Volcano near Granada, Nicaragua

The bus system in Nicaragua is great, it goes everywhere, but can be crowded. We took buses and taxis for our 11-day trip excluding a group tour by a company. We have been very impressed by the road conditions in Nicaragua. Not knowing much about the history of Nicaragua, I once wondered if the head of the country studied in Civil Engineering.

Bus rides in foreign countries, is sometimes challenging especially when a conductor packs as many passengers as he can. Knowing a huge holiday week (Semana Santa, Easter Weekend) is coming,

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Traveling in Nicaragua, the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

View from the rooftop of Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Central America, Leon, Nicaragua

The CIA world factbook says Nicaragua is the second poorest country (after Haiti) in the Western Hemisphere. I saw some areas with poverty but life here is the same as many other places I have visited. People eat, study/work, sleep, and socialize with others. Money helps but I try not to judge people by their money.

After being in strict COVID enforcement in Panama, we enjoyed travelling freely in Nicaragua. I am convinced that the COVID problem is bigger in rich countries, especially with high obesity rate.

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Sailing from Costa Rica to Nicaragua on the Way to the Sea of Cortez

(February 22 to March 2, 2021) Each night, we stopped at a different anchorage in Costa Rica, leaving after sunrise and arriving in mid-afternoon at a new place. One day, we had to leave at 4 AM at dark (no moonlit) from Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay). Luckily, when I flashed the light on the water and John noticed water breaking on the surface, we quickly steered the wheel not to go over the barely visible rocks. These rocks were not on the chart.

On the day approaching Tamarindo anchorage, we started getting flies. After anchoring, we were immediately swamped by countless flies.

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Sailing from Panama to Costa Rica on the Way to the Sea of Cortez

Approaching Naranjo Cove Near Cerro Hoya National Park in Panama

(February 11 to 22, 2021) The beauty of sailing is moving by wind power along. When all is under control and the wind takes us to a place, I feel fortunate. The other night, I saw five shooting stars and wished my dreams on each!

When we crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Cabo Verde off of Africa to French Guiana in South America (about 2,000 nautical miles), we used a total of 30 gallons of Diesel. The trade winds guided us.

COVID has changed the world as much in sailing world.

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Preparing for Sailing to Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Free Fish from Ocean, Fishermen, Our Neighboring Boat! Our cats were happy!!!

(January 15, 2021) We are back to the marina. A month long get-away in Las Perlas, was a reboot of our dreams which were fading during this COVID lockdown. Most of the islands/countries in South Pacific and New Zealand are still closed. Now, we know where to sail this year. It is going to be the Sea of Cortez/Baja California in Mexico. We thought about sailing to Chile from Panama but it is extremely challenging and a long way to go for an unknown reception.

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Started Sailing in Las Perlas Islands in Panama

Sailing and Motoring to Isla Otoque, Panama

(December 21, 2020) Truth to be told for the last couple of months, I got addicted to political news on YouTube Videos. It was easy to do. Spending many hours watching videos made me feel bad. I don’t need to know the tips or cooking recipes suggested by an Artificial Intelligent Search Engine. My head ran in a cycle of happy and unhappy during the COVID Pandemic. As there is no choice, I have been learning “Waiting” for a better tomorrow, are vaccines a solution? Governments will let us know someday? In the meantime,

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Hiking in El Valle in the Central Panamanian Region

View of La India Dormida Mountain from Anton Valley, Panama

(October 12, 2020) We have been in Panama for far too many months. This is the longest time I personally have ever stayed in one place (other than in my home or on the boat visiting multiple countries.) As of today, Panama finally opened the international airport. Lockdown started on March 25, 2020, due to COVID-19. Freedom is great. I am finally able to breathe again; instead of choking on imprisonment, I feel the breath of fresh air and liberty.

Today, we went hiking at El Valle (La India Dormida Trail/Sleeping Indian Trail in Anton Valley).

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