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Prepaid Internet SIM Card – Bonaire and Curacao

My Experience with a Prepaid UTS Chippie Simcard in Bonaire and Curacao

(June – August 2018) The UTS Chippie store is easy to find in Kralendijk, Bonaire. There are many options for data and/or calling plans. I purchased a Chippie SIM Card (USD 7) and a 6GB data plan (USD 52), good for 30 Days. The SIM Card came with a balance of USD 5. I deposited additional money for calling. The setup was done by a store person. When my data balance ran out, I renewed by depositing additional money in the store in Bonaire.

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Internet SIM Card in Trinidad – Digicel Prepaid

My Experience with Digicel Simcard in Trinidad

(February – May 2018) In Chaguaramas, Trinidad, I took a Maxi Taxi (Bus) to buy a SIM Card from the Digicel store at the West Moorings Shopping Mall. A SIM Card costs 44 Trinidadian Dollars (about USD 7) when you add 3GB data (for 30 days) with 200 local call minutes the cost rises to 289 Trinidadian Dollars (about USD 44) including tax. I paid it by Trinidadian Dollars as they didn’t accept US Dollars. The store person set up my phone. There was no waiting line in the store.

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Internet SIM Card in Suriname – Digicel Prepaid SIM Card

(January – February 2018) In Suriname, I bought a SIM Card from the Digicel store in Paramaribo, Capital of Suriname. SIM Card cost 30 Suriname Dollars (about USD4) and 6GB data cost 153 Suriname Dollars (about USD21) which is good for 30 days. I paid it by US Dollars and received change in Suriname Dollars. The store person setup my phone. There was no waiting line in the store.

We stayed in the Waterland Resort Marina near Domburg ( There is Wi-Fi available at the outdoor café/restaurant in the marina. This Wi-Fi speed was good but the connection speed from the boat was not fast enough for me.

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Internet Access in the Cabo Verde Islands – Unitel Prepaid SIM Card

(December 2017) There are many stores selling Unitel SIM Cards in the Cabo Verde Islands. I purchased a Prepaid Unitel SIM Card from a small local electronic store in Espagos Town in Sal Island. It cost 100 local money ‘Escudos’ (about USD1.1) and it came with a balance of 50 Escudos (about 55 cents/USD). I put 1,250 Escudos (about USD14) to purchase 5GB data (Good for 31 days). After the store person activated the 5GB plan, I tried to access to the Internet but I was not able to connect. They didn’t know about the need of the APN setup and told me where the Unitel store is.

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Internet Access in the Canary Islands – Movistar Prepaid SIM Card

(October to November 2017) In the Canary Islands, I purchased a Prepaid SIM Card from a Movistar store in downtown Arrecife in Lanzarote Island. It cost 15 Euros (about USD18) for a SIM Card. It came with a balance of 15 Euros so the physical SIM Card didn’t cost anything.

I activated the 2GB data plan by deducting 15 Euros from my balance in my account. 5GB data plan was not available for a prepaid SIM Card. After consuming all of the 2GB data, I went to a supermarket to put more money on my account. I was told from Movistar that 2GB data renewal is not an option for a Prepaid SIM Card.

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Internet Access and Prepaid SIM Card in Flores Island in the Azores and Madeira Islands – UZO SIM Card

(July to October 2017) The first island we arrived at in the Azores, is Flores Island. It took us 14 days of sailing from Bermuda. The only SIM Card available in Flores Island was an “UZO” SIM Card. It was sold at the local post office. (CTT)

In bigger Azorean islands, there are other kinds of SIM Cards such as MEO and Vodafone. Most cruisers seem to use the “MEO SIM Card”.

Free WiFi is widely available in the center of each town and most of the marinas in the Azores and also in the Madeira Islands,

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Bermuda – Prepaid Internet Plan

*** My Experiences with “One Communications” Internet Access in Bermuda (June 2017) ***

In order to buy a Simcard for my phone (Internet Data Plan and Calls/Messages) in Bermuda, I went to the ‘One Communications Store’ in Saint George, Bermuda. The store is in the main tourist area. Bring an ID, an unlocked smartphone, and payment (cash or credit card). Smartphone setup seems standardized and universal these days. It took about 10 minutes for the store person to configure my phone for Internet data access in Bermuda. I have been using my Sony smartphone in many different countries since January 2014.

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Where to Buy a Prepaid Korean SIM Card in Incheon Airport, South Korea

(April 12 to 23, 2017) For phone calls and the internet access in Korea (12 days), I purchased a Korean SIM Card from a small bookstore (Arrival Floor at the Incheon Airport). This store is located at the opposite side of Exit Door #7 (to Outside). The door numbers are sequential. I didn’t see any noticeable sign of selling SIM Cards but in the store, I saw a small sign of selling SIM cards and the description of three plan types.

Prepaid Korean SIM Cards are available for only foreigners (Foreign Passport Holders). You will need (1) Unlocked Smartphone,

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Guatemala – Claro SIM Card

*** My Experiences with Claro SIM Card in Guatemala (February to April 2016) ***

In Guatemala, I bought a Claro SIM card because a Claro store is conveniently located by the Municipal Pier in Livingstone. I paid about 15 Quetzals (US$2) for a SIM card. It came with 150 MB data. The store representative inserted the SIM card into my Android Smartphone (Unlocked Sony Xperia) and activated it with only one problem; she had to change the setup in Spanish to understand the configuration. My Sony Xperia Phone has built-in WiFi hotspot and native USB tethering feature.

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Colombia, Providencia Island – Movistar SIM Card

*** My Experiences with Movistar SIM Card (January to February 2016) ***

There are two stores selling SIM Cards in Providencia. Both recommended that I get the ‘Movistar SIM Card’. It cost 10,000 Colombian Pesos (COP) for a SIM card. The setup is simple. A couple of setup problems might be because (1) it is in Spanish and (2) there is no printed list of special code. Regardless, the sales people in the stores are happy to assist the setup.

I use my Sony Xperia smartphone for internet use as a tether hot spot for my laptop.

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