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Seoul View (Northern) from Namsan Park

(October 7, 2022) Seoul, North of Han River (Only Gangbook not Gangnam), Video taken early October at Namsan Park.

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Pictures from Korea

My Lunch (Bottom Left-Barley/Rice Mixed with Veggies), Street Food Vendor at Kwang Jang Market, Seoul, South Korea

(October 2022) I am visiting Korea and catching up with my family and friends, face to face with Authentic Korean food. COVID restrictions have been eased in Korea. At this moment, Korea enforces only indoor mask-wearing (100%) and social distancing, as far as I know. Foreign tourists are slowly visiting, and businesses seem to be returning.

October is a kind of harvest month in Korea. The best time of the year, very comfortable weather. There seem to be festivals all over in the nation in October.

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With Sisters in Korea and Traveling Japan

(09/21 to 10/28/2018) I flew from Curacao to Florida in August. My original plan was to take three or four months off from the boat and enjoy life on land. John’s new plan is to take on a lot of boat projects in Colombia, so now I will be on land for a year.

I wanted to have some family time with my sisters in Korea. We are in our 50’s and their children are grown up. It has made my sisters less obligated to their families and we decided to travel together for the first time in our lives.

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Where to Buy a Prepaid Korean SIM Card in Incheon Airport, South Korea

(April 12 to 23, 2017) For phone calls and the internet access in Korea (12 days), I purchased a Korean SIM Card from a small bookstore (Arrival Floor at the Incheon Airport). This store is located at the opposite side of Exit Door #7 (to Outside). The door numbers are sequential. I didn’t see any noticeable sign of selling SIM Cards but in the store, I saw a small sign of selling SIM cards and the description of three plan types.

Prepaid Korean SIM Cards are available for only foreigners (Foreign Passport Holders). You will need (1) Unlocked Smartphone,

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