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Year 2020 – Wishing You LOVE and PEACE

Leaving Fort Lauderdale Airport on January 1st, 2020.

(January 1, 2020) New Decade, I started a new chapter in my life today. Fort Lauderdale Airport was quiet on New Year’s Day: one way ticket to Santa Marta via Bogota, Colombia. John’s sailboat (in Santa Marta) has been waiting for me. As soon I get organized, we plan to sail to San Blas, then cross the Panama Canal, weather depending.

I am wishing you LOVE and PEACE. Also, happy MIND and BODY. Wherever I am, I am hoping our friendship grows continuously. Friends and families are my asset.

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Pictures from Gainesville Area in Florida

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, near Gainesville, Florida, USA (*There are Buffalos here.)

Campground in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, near Gainesville, Florida, USA

Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Display of Shells, Florida Museum, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Museum of Art, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Korean Art Room, Museum of Art, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Micanopy Museum, near Gainesville, Florida, USA (Micanopy is known for being the filming location of the 1991 romantic comedy, Doc Hollywood.)

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Trial Camping – Sleeping with Animals in Nature

New Purchases for My Car-Camping Trip: 2003 Grand Marquis and Marmot Limelight 2P Tent

(January 15 – 17, 2019) For the first time I am car-camping alone. I picked Dupuis Campground in Florida, two hours’ drive from my home. This was to see (1) if I am capable of camping alone, (2) if I like it, and (3) what I must carry. About 80% of my friends didn’t understand my new adventure and/or showed some negativity on my plan. I know that I am happiest when I am in the middle of nature. So, I focused on listening to those who actually have gone camping before.

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95 Express Bus and Public Transportation in South Florida

Traffic is heavy and driving is stressful in South Florida; yet is not easy to live without a car here. Many people would like to use Public Transportation but prefer to drive because of the added time as the schedules and locations are not really convenient.

Starting year 2019, the sales tax will be increased from 6% to 7% in Broward County, Florida. People voted for it to improve the Public Transportation System. I am anxious to see the result of the tax increase. We know most taxes go only one direction (UP) and hardly ever down, even during the best economic times.

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Brightline, Fast Train Ride in Fort Lauderdale

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Taking a short break from the boatyard, I am visiting Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Flying from Trinidad to Fort Lauderdale is about a 3-4 hours trip, nonstop. Each time I visit my home and meet friends, I immediately see the fast-evolving technologies in our lives. It makes me feel somewhat outdated. However, I don’t mind living low-tech lifestyle because I have been practicing to live simple. I still prefer calling to texting on the phone.

It appears Fort Lauderdale is growing very fast.

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Motor-Sailing at Sunrise (Stuart-Saint Martin Trip, December 2014)

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Sailing Movie from Stuart, Florida to Saint Martin in December 2014

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Outdoor Exercise, Gore Betz Park in Fort Lauderdale

I am taking a break from sailing and staying at my home in Fort Lauderdale this winter/spring. Enjoying the warm weather in South Florida, I often see many visitors in town. Of course, that comes with busy traffic. Luckily, not owning a car, I don’t deal with the traffic.

Since sailing, I have been using my folding bicycle as my main transportation method. It lets me go from point A to B. I am used to walking also. When sailing and arriving at a new place in a new country, we had to walk to do something.

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Gathering Rain Water from Tropical Storm COLIN

What is the average daily water consumption per person? It depends on your location. Living on a boat, we have to be frugal with water. We have three water tanks on the boat for a total of 200 gallons (=757 liters, 1 Gallon = 3.785 Liters) of water. On the boat, we usually make water each day until all the tanks are full.

Due to the strong wind from Tropical Storm COLIN, while staying at the Mooring Field (Mooring Fee: US$21.30/Day) in Saint Augustine City Marina, we stopped making water because the source of the sea water looked stirred.

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Visiting Friends and Shopping in Walmart in Stuart, Florida

It takes about two hours by car from Fort Lauderdale to Stuart. Going by sailboat with no wind, it took two days. We motored one day to West Palm Beach and another day to Stuart. Stuart is quiet and easy-going place without heavy traffic. We have friends to meet in Stuart. We were excited to see them again after many years. Sharing time with friends is like enjoying my favorite chocolates. Sweet memories!

Our original plan in Stuart, was to anchor in Manatee Pocket Anchorage or in front of our friend’s water-front house. However, the channel to Manatee Pocket was not deep enough when we tried to pass between the high and the low tide.

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