Curacao – Bug Free, Spanish Water Anchorage

My Current Collection on the Boat, Fighting Against Mosquitos, Sand Fleas, and etc.

(July – August 2018) Meditation at sunrise on the deck is for me one of the most valuable experiences of living on a sailboat. Doing meditation in Curacao, it is nice not to worry about bug bites. Feeling the morning calmness surrounded by water, I clear my mind and embrace a new day with dreams. It always promises me a good start.

The wind blows strong in Spanish Water Anchorage in Curacao anywhere between 15 to 30 knots most of the time. So far, I haven’t seen any mosquitoes or no-see-ums (sand fleas) on the boat. Thus, I removed the mosquito net setup from my cabin. We have been sailing mostly in the tropical areas. Some areas, even though it is hot and humid, I wear long sleeve shirts and long pants and spray bug repellent around my ankles when I get up. I prefer sweating to itching from bug bites. At night when I am ready for bed, I setup my mosquito net and spray insect spray inside. Despite this effort, I have uncountable scars caused by scratching the bug bites during my sailing life. When I look at the small scars, I console myself it is better to wear than to rust.

I have tried most of the anti-itching medication from a lot of countries but none has worked fully. The other day, I found an electronic mosquito destroyer (120 volts) in a pharmacy in Curacao. Previously, my sister brought this device (220 volts) from Korea but she took it back because we run 120 volts electricity on the boat. There is no need to use this new bug protection in Curacao but I feel more protected from mosquitoes wherever we go next.

Swing Bridge and Buildings in Willemstad, Curacao

Imported Plants and Clay Pots from Venezuela, Willemstad, Curacao

View from Top of Christoffel National Park, Curacao

Plastic Recycled Art on the Dive Shop Wall, Jan Thiel, Curacao

Three Hammocks in Papagayo Beach Hotel, Jan Thiel Resort, Curacao

Wooden Pallet Bridge. Jan Thiel Preserve Mountain Bike and Hiking Trail, Curacao

Flamingo Birds on the Salt Pond, Jan Thiel Preserve, Curacao

Soon to be a Houseboat! We saw this boat three years ago without wooden frames. Fishing Dock, Spanish Water Bay, Curacao

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