Finding Positive Energy in the Library

Whangarei Downtown, North Island, New Zealand

Due to John’s unexpected wrist injury, we applied for and received a New Zealand visa extension. This new visa gives John more time to fully recover before we sail to our next destination, Australia. (*It is less complicated to bring our cats to Australia directly from New Zealand.)

Winter has just begun, and some sailors have warned me about how cold it is to sail this time of year. By the time John is ready to sail, we hope the weather will have warmed up. However, we must also consider the cyclone season, which runs from November to April. We will time our departure accordingly once John is ready for sailing.

During my career, I often dreamt of a nomadic life, staying in one place for three months at a time. We have stayed here much longer than that. The longer I stay, the more I find to enjoy.

I have been spending time at the local library in downtown Whangarei. The library allows me to focus on my tasks. I always leave feeling fully charged and like I’ve spent my time meaningfully.

Whangarei is just the right size town, in my opinion. Parking is easy, and the toilets in the library are much cleaner compared to my last visit to the Fort Lauderdale Main Library over ten years ago, which was marred by the growing population of homeless people at that time. It’s hard to believe that was more than a decade ago. I wonder if I will feel like a stranger when I visit again.

For now, I remind myself that home is wherever I am.

Jigsaw Puzzles to Loan, Whangarei Central Library, North Island, New Zealand
Art Center (Hundertwasser Art Centre), Whangarei Downtown, North Island, New Zealand
Spider Web by the Boat in a Foggy Morning, Port Whangarei Marine Center, North Island, New Zealand

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