Hiking in Tetakawi Trail, San Carlos, Mexico

Mexican military people watching the Tetakawi Mountain View (Left Side Peak-North and Right Side-South Peak) from Mirador San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico

At first arrival, the word “Tetakawi” is difficult to pronounce to non-locals. We have been in San Carlos, Mexico for two months. I can say the word “Tetakawi” almost as good as the locals. Tetakawi means “Goat’s Tits”. It looks that way. It is a landmark from the sea and the town. 

The trail is somewhat short but it is very steep hiking on the rocks in the upper area. It used to be okay hiking without a guide. Then, there were some serious accidents without a guide and also hikers left garbage on the trails not to mention painted names etc on the rocks. Now, it is required to hike only with a guide. My hiking was with Enrike’s Adventures in San Carlos. There were eight of us. A teenage girl couldn’t do the steep hiking so her father stayed with her in the middle of the trail. Six of us made it to the top. 

Without a guide, I don’t think I would find the top portion of the trail. Some areas were challenging. The guide price varies by number of hikers. John has a knee problem on and off ever since he worked on the generator by pressing his knee too hard. He decided not to hike so he doesn’t irritate his knee and can recover more quickly. 

Tetakawi has two peaks with a separate trail entrance for each one. I asked our guide the name of each peak but he said he calls them just South and North peaks. Our group hiked to the North Peak. Our guide said it is better (?). South Peak Trail entrance is close to San Carlos and North Peak entrance is near the Mirador (Viewing Area). I highly recommend this hike. I was told, in summer you start hiking at 4am because it is very hot. We started before 9am late winter/early spring. The weather was perfect for hiking. 

PS: We left the marina this morning and anchored at Bahia San Carlos. Our Garmin Tracking is working again, if you have the link…

Enrike’s Adventures drove us to the north trail entrance, San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
Tetakawi South Peak, San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
Tetakawi North Peak (Higher than South Peak), San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
View behind is the Bahia San Carlos and Marina San Carlos. Sonora State, Mexico
It was real fun hiking on the Tetakawi trail, San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
Our Guide at the Top, San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
Group Going Down, San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico
North Peak Trail Parking Lot, San Carlos, Sonora State, Mexico

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