‘Kindle’, New Friend!

Amazon 'Kindle' e-Reader

Amazon ‘Kindle’ e-Reader

Curacao allows US citizens to stay up to six months for each visit. By applying for residency (a Declaration of Admission by Law), US citizens can work in Curacao as the Dutch do. We have been staying here for almost three months. I have multiple travel guide books and maps on Curacao. Been there and done that! My mind is already on our next stop which will be Santa Marta in Colombia. In the meantime, reading has been my main hobby here in Curacao.

Bookshelf by Dinghy Dock in Spanish Water Bay, Curacao

Bookshelf by Dinghy Dock in Spanish Water Bay, Curacao

There is a bookshelf (outside) by the dinghy dock at the anchorage. Some cruisers leave books on the shelf and others take them. They are free but they collect lots of dust and most of them are written in Dutch. Previously, my friends told me lots of good things about ‘e-Readers’. I refused to own one until now. ‘Back to School Sale’ on the island. Right timing! I bought a Kindle. It’s light, portable, and non-dusty. No need to use a bookmark. It has a dictionary built in. I was slow to get one but I crazily like it. Thinking ahead, I will be reading lots of books at sea crossing the Pacific.

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