Living for the Next 10 Years under Corona Virus Lockdown?

Reading the daily Corona Virus updates, I am wondering if this New Mask Wearing life will continue for a decade. Corona Virus Version 1 could be followed by Version 2, 3, or more… I hope not.

Three months ago, I naively assumed this Corona Virus lockdown would end in a month. Back then, I felt a hard-strike on my heart thinking about many impacts: (1) for me assuming possible financial insecurity, (2) for some people making zero income, and (3) for some business owners watching their sweat collapsing. I was sad not because of the Corona Virus but because of the collapse of many peoples financial security. Three months have passed by. Now, I often gaze at an empty sky devoid of airplanes in a foreign country.

Knowing I cannot be “Not Me”, I still make my weekly to-do-list and do many outdoor exercises. This habit keeps me going forward bringing happy chemicals into my head and body. I do regular Yoga, periodical Tai-Chi practice, daily walking or bike riding, and playing my keyboard. I still have lots of time. A week ago, I decided to improve my Spanish skills. It would be a shame that I don’t speak better Spanish after staying here months, or maybe longer? Time is the most valuable asset in everyone’s life. My candle is burning. I want to continuously look for a meaningful life until it burns out.

We don’t know when each country will open their borders. Even when borders open, any country may introduce tough new rules after entry. It looks as if it will take a while until we can sail around the world freely. We need new plans. Is the new world going to welcome travelers and sailors without much hassles? At this moment, the most welcoming country is our home country, the USA. The main concern for us of going home is the ridiculously expensive “Health Insurance”. It truly is an irony concerning about health insurance during the midst of this pandemic……

Sun always rises… Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
New mangoes on the way… Vista Mar Golf Course, San Carlos, Panama
Tropical Fruit Fun, Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
Coconut Treasure, Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
Proceeds from Coconut Treasure, Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama

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