Adios Mosquitoes and Sandflies: Mosquito Net

My Cabin Covered with Pink Mosquito Net

My Cabin Covered with Pink Mosquito Net

Zika Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Malaria… AHHHH, Life in the tropics. When it comes to bug bites, prevention is the best policy for me. Otherwise, once I get a bug bite, I end up scratching my skin leaving ugly scars. Based on my experiences, a mosquito bite makes me itch for about two days and a no-see-ums (Sandflies) about five days. Sometimes, when I spend time in the sea water, I get bites from ‘Sea Lice’ and also ‘Jelly Fish’. These bites make me itch for a while also.

After decades of trying different products, I now use ‘Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard and SPF 30 Sunscreen’ for outdoor activities: hiking, snorkeling, and swimming during the day time. I feel this product also prevents me from getting sea lice bites so I apply it before I go snorkeling and swimming. In the evening, I use ‘Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent’. As far as an anti-itching product, I haven’t found a 100% good one. When it itches a lot, I take a Benadryl for about two days. If it is a minor itch, I use ‘Cortizone-10’ anti-itching cream.

Recently, I purchased a ‘Mosquito Net’ in a cute girly Pink. This product works great at night. I no longer apply ‘Insect Repellent’ in the evening. Besides, I feel like a princess sleeping inside my pink mosquito net. When it gets warm, I let a fan blow. The only problem with a mosquito net is that my cats think it is cool. They like to come in and out of the mosquito net and to play hide and seek. So far, this mosquito net is the smartest purchase in this year.

'Swat' from Salinas, Puerto Rico

‘Swat’ from Salinas, Puerto Rico

'Enemy' (Nick Name: Chubby) from Arizona

‘Enemy’ (Nick Name: Chubby) from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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