Outdoor Exercise, Gore Betz Park in Fort Lauderdale

I am taking a break from sailing and staying at my home in Fort Lauderdale this winter/spring. Enjoying the warm weather in South Florida, I often see many visitors in town. Of course, that comes with busy traffic. Luckily, not owning a car, I don’t deal with the traffic.

Since sailing, I have been using my folding bicycle as my main transportation method. It lets me go from point A to B. I am used to walking also. When sailing and arriving at a new place in a new country, we had to walk to do something. I learned that walking or riding a bike is a great way to see things UP CLOSE.

Gore Betz, a Small Public Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Not having a job (retired early), I have the freedom of having time. Adjusting myself to live frugally, I stopped going to a gym. The other day, I found a little outdoor park, Gore Betz Park near my home. There are some fixed exercise machines in the park. I have been exercising with these machines and also enjoying fresh air and breeze outdoor. At the same time, I see trees, birds, and kids in the playground. I encountered some neighbors in practicing Tai Chi every morning. The more often I go to the park, the more familiar faces I notice in the park. I am hoping there are more people enjoying outdoor work-out at a park. Not to mention, it is all free!!!

Outdoor Exercise Machines in Gore Betz Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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