Patting Ourselves on the Back

Ready for Splash, La Cruz Shipyard, Mexico

The summer weather here is like being in a sauna. It didn’t stop us working on the boat, nonstop for three weeks. I started my day with a bug-spray shower. I quickly found applying sunblock lotion is useless as my sweat immediately washes it off. My main struggle was not the heat nor physical work. It was dealing with bug bites as it made me crazily itch.

An episode happened when the boat was back in the water. Somehow, the propeller of the boat was installed backwards. Driving the boat backward goes forward and vice versa. We both were very shocked by it. More than I, John was surprised by his mistake, as this was at least his 5th time reassembling the propeller. Due to it, the boat had to be out of the water and back to shipyard once again.

Hauling out again, we both read a manual and worked on the propeller again. This time, after reassembly, we tested the propeller by imagining the relationship between wheel, propeller shaft, and propeller movement in the water. We previously ignored the test. Lesson learned, hard-way. We drove the boat to the marina. Current plan is once other people (painters, stainless guy, and sail-makers) finish their job, we will sail to the Sea of Cortez.

Going back to water but… , La Cruz Shipyard, Mexico
Wrongly Installed Propeller with Propeller Shaft: Cleaned, Re-Assembled, and Greased, La Cruz Shipyard, Mexico.
Rudder Inspected and Reassembled after Repair, La Cruz Shipyard, Mexico

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