Pictures from Korea

My Lunch (Bottom Left-Barley/Rice Mixed with Veggies), Street Food Vendor at Kwang Jang Market, Seoul, South Korea

(October 2022) I am visiting Korea and catching up with my family and friends, face to face with Authentic Korean food. COVID restrictions have been eased in Korea. At this moment, Korea enforces only indoor mask-wearing (100%) and social distancing, as far as I know. Foreign tourists are slowly visiting, and businesses seem to be returning.

October is a kind of harvest month in Korea. The best time of the year, very comfortable weather. There seem to be festivals all over in the nation in October.

Walking Trail by a Palace, Downtown Seoul, South Korea
Old Style Kimchi Jars at Korean Traditional House Museum/Village, Seoul, South Korea
View of Seoul Tower from the Traditional House Village/Museum, Seoul, South Korea
View of Downtown Seoul from the Seoul Tower in October 2022, South Korea
Seoul City Hall, South Korea
Walking Trail along the Stream, Downtown Seoul, South Korea
Downtown Seoul, South Korea
People Waiting in Line at Street Food Vendor, Kwang Jang Market, Seoul, South Korea
Fish Stew Ready to Cook or Take-Out, Kwang Jang Market, Seoul, South Korea
Rice Field in Countryside, South Korea
Newly Built Bridge and Rice Field, South Korea
Picture Display at Seoul History Museum, Seoul, South Korea
Picture Display taken 1976 in Seoul (about 46 years ago), Seoul History Museum, South Korea

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