Pictures from Old Panama City (Casco Viejo)

Panama City View from Hotel Swimming Pool in Old Town Panama City, Panama

Since my last blog, we have been very busy. We crossed the Panama Canal from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean. It was a lot of work preparing for the Canal Transit. Crossing the canal was a huge experience. We cheerfully toasted the success of the crossing.

After arriving in the Pacific side of Panama, I went home in Florida and sold my condo. I got rid of most of belongings and put the rest of my history in a small storage room (200 Cubic Feet). Then, flew back to Panama. My life is simpler now. Less worries. I can focus on sailing life.

We had an appointment with the French Embassy to get a long-stay visa in French Polynesia. It will take more than a month to process it. Once we get the visa, we will sail to French Polynesia and stay there for possibly a year. That’s why we need to have a long-stay visa. The French Embassy is in Casco Viejo (old town) in Panama City. We took this opportunity to rest and relax in a nice hotel in the center of Casco.

French Embassy in Old Town Panama City, Panama
Panama Metropolitan Cathedral (Left), Old Town Panama City, Panama
Central Hotel Panama (Right), Old Town Panama City, Panama

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