Ready for Sailing to Cabo Verde, Singer Cesaria Evora’s Island

(November 26, 2017) After seeing a reasonable weather forecast, we decided to sail to Cabo Verde on November 27th. This is the island I first got to know by listening to a CD about 20+ years. At that time, being a music lover, I frequently visited a bookstore to find new songs. One day, by listening to a sample CD at a bookstore, I bought a CD, “Cabo Verde” by Cesaria Evora. It was love of songs at first listen. Without knowing the lyrics and language of the songs, I listened to them over and over. Back then, we didn’t have Google Search. It took years to find out that the singer “Cesaria Evora” is from Cabo Verde and she sang in Portuguese. Ever since knowing the fact, I have wanted to visit Cabo Verde.

Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde, we figured it will take 5 to 6 days, about 800 miles. By reading sailing materials and learning about the COUNTRY “Cabo Verde”, I am both excited and worried. My most concern visiting a new place is safety and health. For the last six months, we have been relaxed, being in Bermuda, the Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands. Based on my reading, it seems it will be different. Sometimes, reading more things makes me worry… It is always nice to be prepared though.

A couple of days ago, John visited a doctor here in the Canaries, to get some pills for Malaria and other emergency medications. (Private Doctor Consultation Fee: 100 Euros) We also had our two cats teeth cleaned. We were amazed that the veterinarian gave them an IV while cleaning their teeth just in case (A Total Cost: 170 Euros for both cats).

For the sailing trip to Cabo Verde, I cooked some passage food: Salad with Quinoa, Fish and Vegetable Stew, and Coleslaw. I don’t like to cook during sailing unless it is really calm at sea. I do still boil the water to make coffee very carefully. We stocked up lots of fresh fruit and vegetable for the trip. For protein, I like to eat canned sardines or tuna with extra virgin olive oil. Having some fresh bread, cheese, and Jamon, we can easily make sandwich. For dessert, John bought tons of chocolate.

We were told that Yellow Fin Tuna is around now. We have caught only one fish for last six months and gave up fishing. Wasabi and Soy Sauce are ready for fresh Sashimi. We might be lucky catching some fish during this trip. Fresh Fish Feast for us and for the cats, we can at least dream!

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