Sailing from Cabo Verde to French Guiana and Suriname – Day 14 (Arrived Safely! Huge Applaud Goes to Bad Bunny and Mother Nature!)

(January 4, 2018) No words can fully describe our current feelings. After safely arriving in French Guiana, South America; John asked me how many people I personally know who have crossed the Atlantic Ocean by a sailboat. I took a moment and said “Nobody except certain cruisers I have met.” Thank you all for wishing us a safe journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

From the channel entrance to the marina (Degrad des Cannes) is about 8 miles on the Mahury River. The river water looks like milk coffee or yellowish chocolate milk. It is so thick and creamy looking as it is mixed with a tremendous amount of soft yellowish silt. We don’t plan to make water from this river because it will plug our water maker system filters very quickly. The boat needs a really nice Beverly Hills Shower but it must wait, as the marina was full. We anchored near the marina. We are on water conservation until we go out to the Ocean and make water or find a space in the marina.

Our friend Toni brought his beer (Schmitte Bier from Switzerland) when he came to visit us two months ago, and we saved the last bottle to celebrate this moment. Sitting in the cockpit postponing all the clean-up; we opened the last Schmitte Bier bottle. Jungle sounds and tropical heat go well with Schmitte Bier! I told John “I’ve never heard such beautiful set of sounds in such an exotic location.” He said “He had not either.”

—Statistics of This Sailing Trip—

  • Distance: 2,047 Nautical Miles (about 3,275 Kilometers)
  • Duration: 13 Days and 12 Hours (Total 324 Hours)
  • Diesel Used: Less Than 20 Gallons for Running Generator and Engine
  • Fish Caught: Wahoo and Tuna (More than Enough)
  • Books Read/Listened: For me, 7 Books (Downloaded from Broward County Library in Florida). I liked “Wealth Secrets of the One Percent” by Sam Wilkin (Audio Version) and “The Little Book that Builds Wealth” by Pat Dorsey (Audio Version). I plan to read them again in eBook version. I don’t know how many books John read. It must be tons as he spends most of his time for reading.
  • Laundry: None (We have lots of laundry to do.)
  • Internet Use, Money Spent, TV Watched, and etc.: Zero but we really need Internet access.

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