Sailing from Cabo Verde to French Guiana and Suriname – Day 12 (French Guiana and Old Movie ‘Papillion’)

(January 2, 2018) The boat has been rolling even more than ever last night. It occurs vigorously especially when large waves from one direction meet big swells from the other direction. Trying to sleep on the boat was like trying to sleep while riding the Disney Rollercoaster Splash Mountain. I gave up sleeping and made a cup of coffee and went to the cockpit. Recently, the nights have been so beautiful with a soft full moon beaming on the ocean. I sat in a salty corner holding one hand on the cockpit entrance handle and keeping both legs on the corners of the stairs so I don’t slide side to side. The other hand held a cup of coffee, I enjoyed super early morning coffee break at midnight.

It looks we have another 30 hours at sea to get French Guiana. We have only simple information on this country as we didn’t plan to visit at first when we left from Cabo Verde. A couple of days ago, we asked one of our friends to send us basic information (Clearance, Anchorage, and Marina) in a simple text file format via Ham Radio. The information was helpful. We know where and how to go now (sort of). It is also important to time with the current and tides at the harbor entrance before going up in the river as the tide difference is about 11 feet (high and low tides) and the river current might be 3 knots. Knowing this, we may have to stay outside the harbor entrance in order to time with the tide and current.

Going to a new place is always challenging. Some worries and some excitements. Most of all, I am so ready for sleeping without rolling. Besides, I plan to see the Formal French Prison Town where Papillion was jailed in cell# 47. Growing up, I watched the movie “Papillion” three times.

Kay Chung @0800 UTC on Wednesday, January 03, 2018
GPS Position @N07.02/W50.37

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