Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 10 (Sleeping During Sailing)

(December 31, 2017) For the previous two nights and days, we have rarely slept because the boat was moving like a crazy horse by confused seas. Despite putting cushions by my sides and wedging myself tight to sleep, have I rarely slept for two days. It is the loud bangs and whirly movement that has kept me awake.

In order to help myself fall asleep, I tried a deep belly breathing exercise; breathe in 4 seconds by inflating my belly, hold my breath for 16 seconds in the center of my body, and breathe out 8 seconds by deflating my belly? It usually works like a charm but it didn’t help.

With not enough sleep, I become irritated easily. I asked John for a sleep-aide pill even though I am a person who does not care much for taking medication. I also had two glasses of wine and slept in the salon sea berth. For the next 18 hours, John took three watch shifts (total 18 hours) while I was sleeping.

I feel much better today and we have less than 400 miles to go!

PS: We are still sailing with a double reef and a smaller size Jib sail making 6 to 8 knots moving speed.

Kay Chung @0800 UTC on Monday, January 01, 2018
GPS Position @N09.23/W46.56

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