Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 3 (Christmas at Sea)

(December 24, 2017) For the last three days of sailing, we haven’t seen a clear sky, sun, moon, or stars. The planet looks as if it only has two colors; the sky is gray and ocean is dark gray. Days are hazy and nights are pitch dark. I could wish for sunshine, bright moon, or some rain but it’s pointless. Sailing taught me about following nature’s law. Accept the weather and adjust the sails accordingly and sail the best and be the happiest I can be.

For our Christmas celebration, we made a fish fry as John suggested. It is the first time he asked for me to cook anything, usually he just eats whatever I make. Knowing him as a non-foodie, I thought his request was strange. Frying fish in a rolly sea is a bit dangerous and not easy. I used a non-skid mat to keep pots and bowls from flying. John held the frying pan and a bowl while I was frying the fish. Our catch (Wahoo) turned out to be better than the normal fish fry (Cod) in restaurants. Having good food makes me miss all the loving people I know. I wish I could share this fish with you. Merry Christmas!

“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.” – Aristotle

Kay Chung @0500 UTC on Monday, December 25, 2017
GPS Position @N15.48/W32.06

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