Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 6 (Watching Bioluminescent at Dark)

(December 27, 2017) As we sail South Westerly, we are getting warmer weather. Our current position is at the same latitude with Northern Colombia and Venezuela. Starting from days ago, we have been seeing lots of Sargassum sea weed. I learned it is good for fish life but it can also wash up on a beach making a foul smell, if it is left to rot.

Waking up at dark, I sometimes enjoy watching the bioluminescent brightening the water splashing around the boat. Having high waves, we usually stay inside of the boat. We haven’t looked for sea life yet during this sailing. We stopped fishing because we still have a lot of frozen fish in the freezer. Occasionally, we find dead flying fish on the deck and throw them back to the ocean. I often see a group of flying fish jumping and flying all together.

We are in the middle of the ocean, about 1000 nautical miles from the nearest piece of land. In spite of that we saw one fishing vessel (Name: ‘Jin Feng III’, 44 meters length-about 132 feet) on our AIS, I also saw another fishing vessel (Name: ‘Koryo Maru N.I.’) about five days ago. We wondered how they can justify the fuel cost for fishing this far from the land. If they catch any fish, where they bring them to sell, ship, or air deliver? Where do they buy fuel and food?

Kay Chung @0730 UTC on Thursday, December 28, 2017
GPS Position @N10.49/W38.06

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