Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 8 (Flying Fish on the Deck)

(December 29, 2017) High waves bring an occasional salt water splash into the cockpit; even worse, it dumped salt water inside the companion way this afternoon. It was unexpected. Not wanting any sticky salt water residue, I wiped salt water and cleaned with fresh water using a rag. We have been sailing between 6-9 knots with 8-11 feet waves and random swells beating us on the rear side. We are little off our course but it has been sailing smoother than when we used the jib pole.

Earlier, I made six Burritos with Salami because there were six Tortillas in a bag. Tortillas are good for months unlike fresh bread from a bakery. I found Burritos are simple to make and easy to eat in a rough sea. It needs four hands to make them at rough sea so that food doesn’t fly all over. I borrowed John’s hands to hold things.

At twilight, I came out into the cockpit and decided to enjoy my dinner, Burrito. Strangely, I smelled fish. Looking at the surrounding area, I found a small flying fish had landed on the deck. Touching it to throw it back into the water, it jumped. It took three attempts for me to make it jump back to the right place, the ocean. About five minutes later after having my Burrito, I heard a loud sound. What it can be? Then, I saw another flying fish right behind of me. It was struggling and jumping over and over splashing fish water on me as well. This time, I brought a spatula and made it jump back to the ocean. I am not sure how long they can survive out of water. It must be quite long because when they fly, they can fly a long way above the water. I hope they survived.

It has been a daily routine finding dead flying fish on the deck. One morning, there were nine of them. I wonder how many there will be on the deck now? I won’t be walking on the deck at dark. Waiting for daylight to inspect the deck, rigging, lines, and all including dead flying fish.

***Next morning there were 49 flying fish dead on the deck. John said that during his watch he heard what he thought was rain; it was all the flying fish landing on the deck and flopping around until they died. I felt sorry for them as he threw them overboard, but I am sure that something in the ocean will eat them.

Kay Chung @0800 UTC on Saturday, December 30, 2017
GPS Position @N09.31/W42.14

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