Sailing from La Paz to Puerto Escondido in Mexico

(November 20 to December 3, 2021) The Sea of Cortez has been amazing us. Many mountains and many islands, they stand by the open sea, as deep rooted with proud.

After leaving La Paz, we mostly motored from one island to another island and kept going north, about 15-20 miles a day. Our Thanksgiving Day was uneventful with our gracious guests, all shining stars in a dark sky!

One day, we passed a sailboat that we met in Panama. I spoke to them on the VHF radio for a while. They sailed up in the Sea of Cortez, now sailing back down to Panama. They decided to cross the Panama Canal back to the Caribbean Sea instead of waiting for opening of the South Pacific islands. I wanted to ask them if they gave up “Sailing around the World” but didn’t.

One evening, we had a bonfire with other cruisers at the beach. There are drift woods on the beach and dead cacti plants on the island. I was surprised how nicely the dead cacti plant provides for a bonfire. When it got cooler, we approached closer to the fire and gave ourselves a warm sand foot massage.

On dark nights, I sometimes turned on the extra lights on the back of the boat. It attracted small to big fish. The sound of fish jumping, chased by bigger fish, excited our cats. Our younger cat was busy all night watching the fish movement. She must be tired, that is what I, a human, am thinking. Knowing that and also seeing her trying to start stepping down the ladder to the water, I closed the entrance and curfewed her. It is horrible to think about her lost at sea.

For two weeks, no cellular signals. Some mornings, I briefly managed to listen to AM radio stations through a Ham Radio (Single Side Band). The news was broadcasted from various locations. Whatever clear sound, I picked one sometimes from San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Nebraska, or Colorado. The main topics were the new COVID variant and Travel Restrictions, Politics, and Inflation.

Arriving at a new marina, Puerto Escondido, we emptied the two-weeks of plastic garbage and gave a fresh water shower to the boat. Getting up this morning, I looked for long pants and a sweater. It is only the beginning of December and we are heading north. I say it is nice to feel chilly… for now.

Hiking Trails at Isla San Francisco, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Sunrise at Isla Partida Anchorage, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Puerto Los Gatos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Bahia Agua Verde, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Peaceful and Quiet Town in Agua Verde, Baja California Sur, Mexico
“Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto by Danzante Bay” and the Giganta Mountain Range View from the Sea, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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