Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde – Arrived at Sal Island

(December 4, 2017) We left the Canary Islands on Monday and arrived the Cabo Verde on Sunday. This trip is the third longest trip for us. It took 6 days and 10 hours (154 hours total) at sea, seeing and talking to only one human (John) and two cats. The distance was 764 nautical miles.

The arrival time was good. We had enough time to anchor and organize everything before sunset. After all was settled, we grilled fish for dinner and enjoyed it. We thanked that we had no boat issues during this trip. Maybe regular check/monitor, routine preventive maintenance, and tender care worked! If there were issues though, we have our mindset to fix the problems anywhere. We plan to inspect the boat thoroughly tomorrow to make sure.

Finding a good spot at the anchorage was a little challenging yesterday. According to a book, this anchorage can accommodate about 30 boats but I think there are about 40+ boats anchored at this moment. Seeing this many boats surprised us. We previously assumed most of European sailors might have been gone to the Caribbean by now.

PS: Thanks to my dear friend Nane for posting my sailing stories on my website. Our friendship has never faded away for last 40 years even though we have been living in different continents of the world.

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