Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde – Day 4

(December 1, 2017) John woke me up for my night watch which starts at 2am. I went to bed at 8pm after a dinner of fresh grilled Mahi Mahi with a glass of wine and slept deeply for the last six hours. We are still sailing with only one sail on the pole due to weak wind. The ocean is calm and the boat runs steady, still making 3-4 knots. This comfort let me slept through the whole six hours, all in one shot.

Waking up and checking outside around 2am, I saw about a 90% full moon, beautifully shining on the whole ocean around me. After making a cup of coffee, I went outside and enjoyed my super early morning coffee under the beautiful moonlit. Then, I downloaded the weather forecast via a SSB (Single Side Band) Radio. Connecting to a HAM Radio Station has been very smooth here. The speed was good also. I mostly connected with Ham Radio Call Sign “HB9AK” (Winlink Bern, Switzerland). Each time, I mentally thank them and Winlink for their generosity.

We are about half way (380 miles) to Cabo Verde. Based on the weather forecast, from now on, the wind is going to be stronger and stronger, bringing high waves as well. While sailing at this slow speed, I am looking forward to having stronger wind but not high seas though. Is sailing about the JOURNEY as we learned? I will deal with whatever it brings to me. My estimated arrival at Cabo Verde, is early Monday morning, December 4th. It looks like we will be at sea watching the Super Moon (Larger than a Normal Full Moon) on December 3rd.

Kay Chung @0500 UTC on Friday, December 01, 2017
GPS Position @N22’36″/W20’11”

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