Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde – Day 6

(December 3, 2017) We are aiming to arrive at Sal Island this evening. This island is located in the North East side among the Cabo Verdes. Our estimated arrival time is around sunset. I am not keen on entering a new harbor when it is dark but we will be cautious approaching our new anchorage.

Some say that Cabo Verde is “Africa’s Jewel in the Atlantic!” It comprises nine populated islands (out of a total of 15), about 500 kilometers (300 miles) off the coast of West Africa. The closest countries are Senegal and The Gambia.

We caught another Mahi Mahi fish (about 3 feet = 1 meter long) yesterday. After eating the first fish for three days (one day with fish breakfast, lunch, and dinner), I kind of had enough fish for a while. No complaining! The second fish is all filleted and stored in the freezer. Cats still love Sashimi. I noticed that they prefer eating fish to kitty food. One of our cats has the flu, but is getting better now. Seeing her sneezing with stuffy nose and teary eyes, we finally decided to give her antibiotics, a couple of days ago. She started meowing today which is more normal. During her misery, she has never lost her fish appetite.

While writing this, I heard something rattling on the deck. My guess was right; it was a flying fish landed on the deck. I wanted to grab its tail to throw back to the ocean. When I touched the fish, it itself jumped back to the ocean swimming away fast. Lucky fish! By the way, I found freshly dead flying fish on the deck last night. This will be grilled for the cats.

Kay Chung @0900 UTC on Sunday, December 3, 2017
GPS Position @N17’39″/W22’30”

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