Setting Sails for French Polynesia: Our 3,000-Nautical-Mile Journey from Ensenada

Long waiting! We are about to set sail to the South Pacific, tentatively on Sunday, April 30, 2023. The distance is about 3,000 nautical miles from Ensenada, Mexico to Nuku Hiva Island in French Polynesia. This will be the longest nonstop sailing distance for us.

What will happen during this trip? I am excited and worried at the same time. The grand sea, sound of the ocean, countless stars, beautiful sunrise/sunset, free from the internet, clean mind, and just being ourselves! We have able-minds and plan to tackle obstacles whenever they occur. The rest will depend on Mother Nature.

Our current GPS position (Ensenada) is 31°51’North/116°39’West. We will sail in a southerly westerly direction toward one suggested waypoint, 00°00’Equator/130°00’West, with whatever winds we get. From the waypoint, our destination is more south and west at 08°55’South/139°55’West.

We hope to sail as much as we can. The Wind is free. We carry about 150 gallons of diesel fuel, which will be handy when we cross the doldrums (No Wind Zone). Interestingly, we carry 300+ lbs of cat litters and 9 months’ supply of cat foods (kidney special diet food for Happy). The other day, a local Korean person took me to a wholesale vegetable market in Ensenada. I bought boxes of real fresh fruits/vegetables, only the ones that could stay for a long period of time.

Our Liferaft got inspected from San Diego. All sails (Main, Genoa, Staysail, and Code Zero Sail) are set. We have downloaded French Language lessons. I just bought a GoPro camera for making our sailing video.

I have a bottle of champagne ready to share with Neptune, God of the sea. We plan to pop it when crossing the equator and watch the toilet water swirl counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. 

It is about the journey. During the journey, I will picture the lush tropical Pacific Island thinking of the French Painter Paul Gauguin. I already smell the fragrance of flowers on the island. See you in a month! Love

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