Small Village with Many Children, Caledonia in San Blas

Two young men showed up early in the morning asking for the anchorage fee in their village, Caledonia. They rowed their dugout boat to collect US$10 from us. That was a long way to row, just for US$10. They told us, they have an average of five boats a month visiting here. Later, they were kindly showing us around in their village. I invited them for dinner. They didn’t show up. I realized later it is far away to row back and forth just for dinner. We have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch now.

When we visited the island, we saw lots of children running and playing around. Kids were curious about us and gave us friendly gestures. We were told the village people have lots of children and one family has even eight children. The thatched-roof huts are very close to each other. No privacy in my eyes. Everybody knows what everybody is up to, it seems. I often see huts with drying recyclable fabric diapers for the babies. Toilets are built on the water. I liked their toilet because it has clean air and beautiful bottom (clear blue water). However, I was hesitant to swim around near the village thinking of the fact of all that goes into the beautiful blue water immediately and directly.

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