Up Close Look at Life in Fishermen Camp

Fishermen’s Camp (Right Side Corner) on Tiburon Island in Mexico

(March 24 – April 10, 2022) After leaving San Carlos (Mainland Mexico Side) and crossing the Sea of Cortez, we arrived at Bahia Animas and slowly sailed to the North. We have been anchoring from a place to another, beach hopping. We rarely met any people. We heard lots of coyote hauling at night on land.

On the biggest island in Mexico, Tiburon (shark in English) Island, a fisherman asked me “Cigaro?” While I was trying to figure out what it means, John responded to him “No Tengo” (I don’t have it). I wished I brought some cigarettes for him. Up closely anchored to a fishermen’s camp here, I became an intruder, remotely recognizing their daily life.

Before sunset, I see the fishermen dropping fish traps and nets at the sea. Then, they come to their camp and dinner at a bonfire. There are homemade tents on the beach. Their table was made by disposed home-refrigerators, maybe washed to a shore. At dawn, they are already at the sea. When sun rises, they come back to the fish camp and clean the fish. Early morning, they bring their catch to the mainland. In the afternoon, they come back to fish-camp and go out fish again.

I always felt sentimental on a fishermen’s job on a small boat. I consider it can be a life-threatening job with no guaranteed income. Yet, we haven’t seen much fish life here. Recently, I realize that my sorrow and sentiment on the fishing job, might be coming from my judgment. Everyone lives an own life. Is my judgment related to money? Does money the best for the happiness in life? Definitely, it is necessary, both money and happiness.

Wildflowers near Bahia San Pedro, Mainland Side of Mexico
Different Looking Sand Dollar on Tiburon Island, Mexico
Strange Looking Sea Weed (?), Tiburon Island, Mexico
Flower Blooming near Puerto Don Juan, Baja California, Mexico

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