Visiting Salt Lake City, Utah – Made a Decision to Continue Camping and Repaired Car

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Performance, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

(May 19 – 29, 2019) When I left home back in March, I had one main goal for this trip. That was visiting Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley, and all of the National Parks in Utah. I am grateful for mission accomplished.

Even though I like camping, I sometimes miss my own comfort, convenience, and the easy zone: HOME! The recent weather has not been good (cold, windy, and/or rainy) for camping. After visiting the 5th National Park in Utah, I thought about driving toward home. One side of my brain kept telling me that I should visit Glacier Park in Montana as I am all the way up here. Otherwise, I may never see Glacier Park in my life.

In Salt Lake City, I had my car window repaired. The automatic sliding window (driver side) was broken when I was in Capitol Reef National Park. At that time, I saw a couple driving a sharp looking old Buick (1970’s). I found out they were from Tampa, Florida and traveling to San Francisco. I asked his advice. It turned out he is a mechanic. He put duct tape on the window and told me to repair it in a bigger town in case I need a part. He also advised me to replace the duct tape every other day so it doesn’t leave damaging residue on the paint. When I was in Moab (bigger town), I went to a car repair place but found out it may take 5-7 days to get the part (window regulator) delivered. This mechanic in Moab recommended I go to either Salt Lake City (3 hours driving) or Albuquerque in New Mexico (6 hours driving). I have a plenty of time, but which city should I visit? Going to Salt Lake City means to continue travelling but going to Albuquerque is going toward home.

It rained many days while I was in Salt Lake City. I stayed in hotels. When there were patches of sun or cloud, I visited some interesting places. It was nice seeing a movie (“John Wick 3”) in a theater and finishing an oversized medium bag of popcorn. On Sunday, I went to see “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Performance” and “Pipe Organ Performance” at Tabernacle. “Sunday is the historic Sabbath Day, and Mormons believe (like all other Christians) that it is set aside by a commandment from God as a holy day.” The city was nice and quiet on Sunday because most stores including Macy’s were closed. Macy’s must shorten the Memorial Day Weekend Sale in Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake Temple in Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Picture from “Life Science Museum” at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA
Violin Making School, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
A Picture from “Mormon Temple Square” Visitor Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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