Visiting the Public Library and Staying at Port Washington Anchorage, New York/Long Island

Castle Gould

Castle Gould in the Sands Point Reserve, Port Washington

(August 31 to September 7, 2016): We were about ready to leave New York City but the tropical storm ‘Hermine’ was going to be heading our way. Funny, we came all the way up here to get out of the hurricane zone but it was going to come near us. In order to be safe, we changed our plan and looked for a safe place, Port Washington Anchorage in Long Island! It is wide and protected area, and is much safer than the other anchorages in New York City. Timing with current and tide, we left Manhattan with a following current to pass ‘Hell Gate’, east of Manhattan.
Helen Keller National Center

Helen Keller National Center in Port Washington, Long Island

Before leaving Manhattan, we stopped by the Liberty Landing Marina and filled our diesel and water tanks. Since leaving Florida, we have not been making water. The ocean water looked muddy beyond North Florida. In big cities such as New York, no way are we going to use the Hudson River water to make our drinking water!
Beautiful Sunset Before the Storm

Beautiful Sunset Before the Storm

It was a long day of motoring to Port Washington. Just before dark, we dropped the anchor for a night. On the next six nights, we used a mooring ball. (Two nights free and other four nights cost US$100). The Town Dock (Water Taxi Company) runs the mooring field and services the water taxi pickup. When we anchored or used a mooring ball for the first two free nights, I paid US$8 for roundtrip water taxi ride service. When paying for a mooring ball, the water taxi ride included in the price. The water taxi company was always available and provided a great service.
Port Washington Public Library

Port Washington Public Library

“Calm before the storm!” The days in Port Washington were beautiful. One day, I spent all day in the Port Washington Public Library. Using the Library Wi-Fi (great speed), I did research on many things that were on my list. On the way back, I happened to find an Asian grocery store in town and bought some rice crackers, packaged/dried miso soup, dried daikon (radish), and dried seaweed. It is my kind of comfort food! Besides, dried and packaged food is best to keep on the boat.


Styro Foam – 50 Years to Decompose


Aluminum Cans – 80 to 200 Years to Decompose


Water Bottles – 100 Years to Decompose


Fishing Line – 600 Years to Decompose

—My Explore in Port Washington, Long Island, New York—

  • Walking Tour in the Park by the Manhasset Bay (3 Hours: See Map Picture Below: 1-Bayview Colony, 2-A & R Marshall Shipyard, 3-John Philip souse Memorial Band Shell, 4-Baxter Homestead, 5-Ike Smith Boatyard, 6-Dodge Homestead, 7-Mill Pond Model Yacht Club, 8-Site of Cock’s Grist Mill, 9-Manhasset Bay Sportsmen’s Club, 10-Pan Am Site, 11-Old Ferry Dock, 12-Regional Sand Mining Sites, 13-Yacht Clubs)
  • Visit the Sands Point Reserve (A Half Day: Castle Gould, Falaise, and Hempstead House: About three miles walking distance each way from Town Dock, Taxi is available.)
  • Spend all day in the Port Washington Public Library
  • Long Island Train Ride to New York (All Day)
  • Shop in Asian Grocery Store (It is located a little uphill from the Public Library.)

Port Washington Board Walk Map

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