Waiting for Freedom of Movement in Panama

Waiting for a Beach Volleyball Game: New Basketball Purchased (No Volleyballs Available) just before the Coronavirus Lockdown. Coronado, Panama

Sailors and employees in the Vista Mar Marina (Panama) are healthy and safe. We are grateful for it. We have been following the Panamanian Movement Restrictions. It started with:

  1. Daily Curfew from 7 pm to 5 am.
  2. Which immediately changed to “Daily Curfew from 5 pm to 5 am”.
  3. Which went on to become only “2 Hours Movement per Person each Day” for grocery/pharmacy shopping.
  4. Which changed to “Only 2 Hours Movement Every Other Day”.
  5. Which then became “No Movement on Sundays”.
  6. Which finally became the current “No Movement on Saturdays and Sundays” before Easter Weekend. What’s next?

During this pandemic situation, no one knows which decisions need to be made. What is the balanced decisions and based on what? How to decide for health/life, economy, food/water/electricity supply, security and safety, true communication (not online fake news), and if politics? Who should be included in the panel for making balanced decisions? We will learn! History will teach us! Hopefully soon. In the meantime, we don’t know where and when we will be sailing to. We are in a foreign country and the sailing winds are season-sensitive.

Lone Bird Wandering on the Beach. We are not allowed to enter the public beach. Prior to the Pandemic, we planned to play beach volley ball here. San Carlos, Panama
Sunrise at Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
Practicing Online Taichi with Cat; my Taichi teacher sent me his online lessons. Our cat “Swat” has developed “Screen Addiction” problem. Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
Boat-Made Kimchi; Being confined on a boat, I even made not-so-spicy “Kimchi” successfully. Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
Buck Wheat Noodle Dish (Korean Style); I have been spending more time preparing food during this COVID-19 lockdown. Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama

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