Refreshing Quotes for Personal Investment

Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius. — Benjamin Disraeli (1804 – 1881, a British statesman and Conservative politician who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)

Personal Finance is 80% behavior and only 20% head knowledge. — Dave Ramsey (Born in 1960, an American personal finance personality, radio show host, author, and businessman)

Can fear make things worse? Psychology plays a big role in sudden and more-severe corrections. It goes back to the saying from boxer Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the nose.” Every novice investor is buy-and-hold through thick and thin until the market starts falling more than they thought. – Excerpt from “Interview with James Stack”, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, on Page 12, October 2021 Issue

In the short the stock market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a weighing machine. – Benjamin Graham (1894 – 1976, a British-born American economist, professor, and investor)

All intelligent investing is value investing. Acquiring more that you are paying for. You must value the business in order to value the stock. – Charlie Munger (born in 1924, an American billionaire investor, businessman, former real estate attorney, architectural designer, and philanthropist)