Interviews with Other Cruisers

Cruising is another world I have discovered. The most surprising thing is that there are lots of people living on boats, and they are just like our next door neighbors on land. Since moving on board, I have met many other cruisers. Living on a boat is not a superficial life style, if one follows a dream. Here’s how others made their dreams come true…

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Interview with Dubi from ‘S/Y Jipcho’ (Posted on September 17, 2015)
Interview with Soren from ‘S/Y Lady Elaine’ (Posted on August 2, 2015)
Interview with Jen and John from ‘S/Y Aeeshah’ (Posted on April 16, 2015)
Interview with Rosie and Sim from ‘S/Y Wandering Star’ (Posted on March 25, 2015)
Interview with My Boyfriend John from ‘S/V Bad Bunny’ (Posted on March 15, 2015)

* * * Interview questions * * *

Would you share your sailing/cruising stories with other cruisers and prospective cruisers?

Please answer however many questions you would like and email me your response with a few pictures of your boat, best place, yourselves, or anything to be posted on this website. ***Please scale down your pictures to 500k max size each.

1. About yourselves and your boat (Name, Nationality, Type, Year Made, Your Blog/Website Link, and etc.)?
2. Where are you at today (Date: )?
3. What was your career before cruising?
4. What made you decide to live on a boat?
5. How long have you been living on board?
6. Why did you choose the boat that you have now?
7. How many miles have you traveled so far in the boat?
8. How did you prepare for the cruising lifestyle (financial, technical, and general preparation)?
9. Best cruising/sailing place or experience and why?
10. What do you like the most about the cruising/sailing lifestyle?
11. What do you like the least about the cruising/sailing lifestyle?
12. What was your most fearful moment of cruising/sailing experience?
13. How do you maintain your boat?
14. How do you maintain yourself (health, fitness, and strength) and your relationship with your sailing partner?
15. What do you miss the most?
16. What is your favorite website?
17. Want to share your best and simple boat food recipe?
18. Advices to future cruisers/dreamers?

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