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I began this blog to let my family and friends know what I am up to. My focus was to share my traveling experiences and travel tips. I was a computer programmer/analyst, translator (Korean/English), technology lecturer, newspaper editor, and high school teacher. By living small and saving my income, I was able to retire early in June 2014. It gave me true freedom; the freedom of having time! During my career years, I used to squeeze my vacation hours to travel as much as I could. Now, being retired, I have been pursuing my lifetime goals: traveling, seeing nature, learning about different cultures and people, and practicing a simple life style. I have lived in Seoul, Korea and Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States. Currently, I am sailing around the world on ‘S/V Bad Bunny’ since my retirement. I truly believe “The sky is the limit”.

Kay Chung, TheWorldTourist (Last Updated on February 25, 2017)

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