My Devices and Internet Abroad

Even though I prefer to see more nature and spend less time with electronic devices, I believe the internet is a necessity almost like bread/rice. For this reason, prior to starting my sailing around the world, I purchased two electronic devices. One is an unlocked Sony Xperia smartphone and the other is an unlocked Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Data Connect (E5331).

Sony Xperia Smartphone: The main reason I purchased a Sony smartphone is that it has ‘FM Radio’ feature working independently without the internet connection. I previously liked the ‘FM Radio’ feature on my old Sony cellular phone. It works just like a radio with a headset as an antenna. Wherever I go, I love to listen to local radio stations through local voice and language. FM radio is for me a simple and easy entertainment media! This Sony phone also allows me to check emails when there is free Wi-Fi available.

Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Internet Connect (E5331): For selecting it, I mainly relied on reviews on the web. Most importantly, the simple setup was my consideration! Just insert a new local simcard, configure on my laptop, and get the internet Wi-Fi access. It took a while to decide on a Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi device because I was not in each foreign country to make sure it works.

Here, I want to share my experiences with the ‘Overseas Mobile Wi-Fi Internet Simcard’ with those, who like to travel overseas long-term and want an internet connection during that time.

* * * Notes * * *

  • Because I travel from one place to another, I don’t carry a monthly plan for both Internet service and cellphone service. For me, it is not economical using ATT or T-Mobile worldwide service. I prefer a prepaid on-demand service whenever and wherever I need my own internet connection.
  • I tried ‘Boingo’ at home but didn’t have much luck with it. I didn’t recharge it after the initial setup.
  • In the U.S. and the U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico and USVIs, for mobility, I use T-Mobile prepaid internet data plan as needed. This allows me to access the internet through my laptop (with T-Mobile Device). ***Later I found that T-Mobile Internet Wi-Fi was too slow in USVIs. The speed was good in Salinas, Puerto Rico but not in Culebra and Viaques Islands. (Updated on March 11, 2015)
  • For US cellular phone service, I use H2O prepaid phone service through my Sony Xperia Phone.

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