Saint Martin-Digicel Simcard

Saint Martin (French Side): Digicel Internet 3G Access Simcard

For a quick free Wi-Fi, I went to McDonald’s (next to Supermarket U in Marigot) and local bars/restaurants. In Dutch side, I went to KFC for free Wi-Fi and an Apple iStore. Later, I purchased a French (Saint Martin) Digicel Simcard for my own Internet Wi-Fi access. There are two other simcard stores (Daupin and Orange). The waiting line in the Daupin store was too long. I found ‘Orange’ simcard store after purchasing a simcard from Digicel.

For connection, I inserted a new ‘Digicel’ Internet 3G simcard in my unlocked Huawei Mobile WiFi device (E5331) and configured simple setup as below. It worked like a charm! Later, I had an issue with online ‘Recharge’. Because I don’t understand ‘French’ language and I didn’t see a real solution in a short time period, I accepted the problem and enjoyed what I had.

Screenshot of Simple Digicel Simcard Configuration through Huawei Device

Digicel Prices Pay As You Go-During December 2014 and January 2015

  • Simcard Only Mobile Wi-Fi Internet: 9 Euros (It includes 100 MB data when activated.)
  • Connection speed was not good in the store but it was excellent wherever I connected to (5 bars).
  • Recharge: 3 Euros (for 100 MB), 5 Euros (for 250 MB), 10 Euros (for 500 MB)

Some French Terms to Know Making Decisions

  • 0 Ko = 0 KB
  • 100 Mo = 100 MB
  • 1 Go = 1 GB
  • 3 jours = 3 Days
  • Acheter = Accept
  • Avec ma CB = Buy with my CREDIT CARD
  • Avec nes unite = Buy with my credit
  • Cliquez ici = Click here


  • Digicel Simcard from Saint Martin works only in French side of the island and other French islands in the Caribbean such as Guadeloupe, Guyane, and Martinique.
  • Digicel website shows only in French so it is difficult to make a decision when paying by a credit card.
  • My problem with French Simcard: When I recharged it first, it showed one option for 5 Euros for 1 GB internet access. This was strange I was told that there are three options (3 Euros for 100 MB, 5 Euros for 250 MB, and 10 Euros for 500 MB Internet Data Access). Since this was the only option, I recharged online by paying 5 Euros. It worked great for a while, then, I got disconnected. It showed only in French but I kind guessed ‘I used all data so I have to recharge.’ I know I didn’t use that much data. Based on my guess, after I used the initial 100 MB came with the activation, I got disconnected even though I recharged it by paying 5 Euros. Since I don’t speak French and I don’t have a phone service in Saint Martin, I recharged the simcard with 10 Euros for 500 MB. I used it a little then, I got disconnected again, after using about 100 MB. To get an explanation, I went to the store and spoke to the sales person who sold the simcard to me. The sales person advised me visit their customer support office directly to speak in English. After taking a 20 minute bus ride and waiting for an hour in the customer support office, I was told that I got a wrong simcard. They reset my simcard and gave me 750 MB data as I previously paid. This didn’t solve the problem. It worked a little (maybe up to 100 MB) then, I got disconnected again. Next day, I went to the customer support and got 750 MB data again. Same problem next day. Since bus ride cost $3 and there is an option to recharge 100 MB for 3 Euros, I just recharged each time, as needed, by paying 3 Euros for 100 MB.

Screenshot to Recharge and Data Usage View Links

Data Usage Screen: Suivi de Vos Consommations

Recharge Options: 100 MB, 250 MB, and 500 MB

Next Screen after Selecting 100 MB Recharge Option, I figured the Checkbox is an ‘I agree…’ kind message.

Screenshot of Recharge Payment Method

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