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One Communications in Bermuda

*** My Experiences with “One Communications” Internet Access in Bermuda (June 2017) ***

In order to buy a Simcard for my phone (Internet Data Plan and Calls/Messages) in Bermuda, I went to the ‘One Communications Store’ in Saint George, Bermuda. The store is in the main tourist area. Bring an ID, an unlocked smartphone, and payment (cash or credit card). Smartphone setup seems standardized and universal these days. It took about 10 minutes for the store person to configure my phone for Internet data access in Bermuda. I have been using my Sony smartphone in many different countries since January 2014. It works as a portable wifi hotspot for my laptop.

— Prepaid Plan Cost (June 2017): One Communications in Bermuda —

  • Simcard: $20 (Comes with $10 credit for phone calls and/or messages)
  • 5GB Data Plan (One month or 5GB whichever comes first): $99
  • Basic Talk Plan (Additional Charge): 35 cents/minute (7am to 7pm), 20 cents/minute (7pm to 7am), Messages Additional Cost
  • Daily Call Plan (Additional): Daily Unlimited Calls (only for the day calls made or messages used): $2.50/Daily, Messages Additional Cost
  • Daily Government License Fee (Daily Mandatory for Calls/Messages): 32 Cents per Day (regardless calls or messages used or not)

Prepaid Data Plan

Prepaid Basic Call Plan

Prepaid Daily Call Plan

Prepaid Support Contact Information (One Communications in Bermuda)

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