Bonaire, Out of the Hurricane Zone

View from an Ice Cream Shop in Kralendijk in Bonaire

Escaping from hurricane season 2018 (June to November), we have chosen to stay in Bonaire, Curacao, and Colombia. This is our second time cruising in this area. It works with our scheduled goal which is “Crossing the Panama Canal in February 2019”.

People have often asked me what island is my most favorite. Each island has something which I like and dislike. In order to make a simple answer; I just say “Bonaire”. Visiting here for the second time, I realized why; it is yachting friendly, Customs and Immigration clearance is easy and simple, the mooring field is well-organized, it is peaceful and hassle free, nature is great, sea breeze is awesome, and ocean water is so beautiful. Bonaire is like a jewel except three things: loud motorcycle sounds (seldom), yellow dust (often), and the high price of mostly imported fruits.

Boardwalk in Kralendijk, Capital City of Bonaire Island

The other day, I met an American woman in a grocery story. She moved to Bonaire from New York about six months ago. Prior to that, she had visited here only for a week. At that time, without blinking, she chose Bonaire for her retirement place. There must be many reasons that she kept smiling the whole time we spoke to each other. By the way, US Citizens can easily apply for residency here.

Salt Farm in Bonaire, the Caribbean Netherlands

Beach in Klein Bonaire (Small Bonaire Island), the Caribbean Netherlands

Salt Pier Dive Site: One of the Dive Sites in Bonaire, the Caribbean Netherlands

A Dive Boat in Klein Bonaire (Small Bonaire Island), the Caribbean Netherlands

SCUBA Air Tanks in a Dive Shop in Bonaire, the Caribbean Netherlands

Cactus Plants in Bonaire, the Caribbean Netherlands

Iguana on the Rock, Klein Bonaire, the Caribbean Netherlands

Center of Kralendijk, Bonaire, the Caribbean Netherlands

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