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Sailing from Cabo Verde to French Guiana and Suriname – Day 11 (Wish You Happy New Year 2018!)

(January 1, 2018) New Year’s Eve Wine Toast at sea! We joked about our New Year’s resolutions and started the New Year 2018 with a good laugh. In previous years, I used to go over my old resolution, review, and modify it to make a new one. Sailing in a rough sea,

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 10 (Sleeping During Sailing)

(December 31, 2017) For the previous two nights and days, we have rarely slept because the boat was moving like a crazy horse by confused seas. Despite putting cushions by my sides and wedging myself tight to sleep, have I rarely slept for two days. It is the loud bangs and whirly movement that has kept me awake.

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 9 (Sailing Heavy Weather)

(December 30, 2017) The wind has been blowing hard. We have been sailing with a double reef and a smaller size Jib sail. High waves frequently bang the side of the boat. It feels like someone hits the side of a house with a big sledge hammer. The sound also reminded me of a gun range.

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 8 (Flying Fish on the Deck)

(December 29, 2017) High waves bring an occasional salt water splash into the cockpit; even worse, it dumped salt water inside the companion way this afternoon. It was unexpected. Not wanting any sticky salt water residue, I wiped salt water and cleaned with fresh water using a rag. We have been sailing between 6-9 knots with 8-11 feet waves and random swells beating us on the rear side.

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 7 (Passing Halfway Point)

(December 28, 2017) It seems long but we just passed the halfway mark! Our average speed for the first 1,000 miles is 6.4 knots, making an average of 150 miles a day. We have had two critical boat issues: Autopilot and Jib Pole. Having a spare for the Autopilot Compass Module,

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 6 (Watching Bioluminescent at Dark)

(December 27, 2017) As we sail South Westerly, we are getting warmer weather. Our current position is at the same latitude with Northern Colombia and Venezuela. Starting from days ago, we have been seeing lots of Sargassum sea weed. I learned it is good for fish life but it can also wash up on a beach making a foul smell,

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 5 (Depending on Autopilot at Sea)

(December 26, 2017) We change our watch at 2am; John goes to bed and I am up managing the boat. We have one other crew member Auto the Autopilot who works 24 hours, nonstop steering the wheel and keeping us on course. Our watch duty involves, checking the course and adjusting the autopilot,

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 4 (Time Zone at Sea)

(December 25, 2017) So far, we have seen only three ships on our SHIP tracking device (AIS system) since we started sailing. It looks we are the only boat in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. We have about 70% of the total distance to go to our destination, about 10 more days.

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 3 (Christmas at Sea)

(December 24, 2017) For the last three days of sailing, we haven’t seen a clear sky, sun, moon, or stars. The planet looks as if it only has two colors; the sky is gray and ocean is dark gray. Days are hazy and nights are pitch dark. I could wish for sunshine,

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 2 (Wahoo Day)

(December 23, 2017) Waves are still undefined making for uncomfortable sailing. I took extreme care when boiling water to make coffee not to get hot water spilled on me. This is the first time we have used the stove during this trip. At least the wind speed has been more or less steady keeping sails from crashing.

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Sailing from Cabo Verde to Suriname – Day 1

(December 22, 2017) It was hazy and dusty when we left Cabo Verde this morning. The visibility was not good. The harbor was crowded with new arrival of boats and ships. There was definitely Christmas air blowing on the island but it is time for us to sail.

We started with great sailing;

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Set Sail from Cabo Verde to Suriname, South America

We are about to set sail today for Suriname (Caribbean Island). It will be the longest sailing for us, about 1900 nautical miles. We estimate it will take about two weeks.

Sending you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wish us fair winds and following seas.

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Fish Market in Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island, Cabo Verde

Fish price here is excellent. Price is set by supply and demand. If the weather is bad for fishing, the price goes up. If fishermen bring lots of fish, the price goes down. We bought Sushi Grade Yellowfin Tuna yesterday for 3500 Escudos (USD4) for one kilogram. It is about two USD for a pound.

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Internet Access in the Cabo Verde Islands – Unitel Prepaid SIM Card

(December 2017) There are many stores selling Unitel SIM Cards in the Cabo Verde Islands. I purchased a Prepaid Unitel SIM Card from a small local electronic store in Espagos Town in Sal Island. It cost 100 local money ‘Escudos’ (about USD1.1) and it came with a balance of 50 Escudos (about 55 cents/USD).

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Internet Access in the Canary Islands – Movistar Prepaid SIM Card

(October to November 2017) In the Canary Islands, I purchased a Prepaid SIM Card from a Movistar store in downtown Arrecife in Lanzarote Island. It cost 15 Euros (about USD18) for a SIM Card. It came with a balance of 15 Euros so the physical SIM Card didn’t cost anything.

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Seeing a Lonesome Small Local Sailing Boat in a Heavy Sea

Sailing from Nicolau Island to Vicente Island was rough and tough because of big waves. Autopilot, our favorite crew worked hard! We let it drive the boat and stayed inside of the boat keeping us dry. Periodically, John went to outside to check the sea and the surroundings.

A couple of hours into the trip,

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Living on the Water and Dinghy Parking in Cabo Verde

On Boa Vista Island, we experienced big swells at the beautiful sandy bottom anchorage (Sal-Rei Anchorage). Wanting to see the island, we went to shore carrying up our HEAVY HOMEMADE HARD dinghy to the beach.

Departing from the beach back to the boat, lots of children voluntarily came to push the dinghy into the water.

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Souvenirs from Sal Island, Cabo Verde

(December 3 – 8, 2017) On the first day at the Palmeira fishing port, many children wanted to watch our dinghy during our outing on the island. Not knowing what language to speak to me, the children tried to speak in simple French. I responded to them in English and assigned one child to watch the dinghy.

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Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde – Arrived at Sal Island

(December 4, 2017) We left the Canary Islands on Monday and arrived the Cabo Verde on Sunday. This trip is the third longest trip for us. It took 6 days and 10 hours (154 hours total) at sea, seeing and talking to only one human (John) and two cats. The distance was 764 nautical miles.

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Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde – Day 6

(December 3, 2017) We are aiming to arrive at Sal Island this evening. This island is located in the North East side among the Cabo Verdes. Our estimated arrival time is around sunset. I am not keen on entering a new harbor when it is dark but we will be cautious approaching our new anchorage.

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