Costa Rica

Some say that Costa Rica is the Switzerland of Latin Americas. With its rich soil, sun, and rain, the whole country is indeed nature itself. It has healthy trees, juicy tropical fruits, beautiful birds, and all kinds of animals. A popular Gringo city, Atenas is close to San Jose (Capital of Costa Rica). The international airport, is about 40 minutes away. Because of the climate (no need for A/C or heater year around), Atenas attracts people from all over the world. Many expats enjoy retirement life here. Some even grow coffee trees, other tropical plants, and fruit trees. People in Atenas start the day early, listening to a nature symphony harmonized by a Rooster’s wake-up call followed by a bird’s chirping and the deep voice from cows in between. When the sound reaches its peak, up in the mountains, the sun comes up and the trees stretch their arms.

View from Cerro Luna, Atenas, Costa Rica

View from Cerro Luna, Atenas, Costa Rica

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