Exercise, the Fountain of Youth

Sunrise at Marina La Cruz, Mexico

“Dwell on the beauty of life.” — Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor from 161 to 180 and a Stoic philosopher)

Practice brings us better living. Thus when I am awake, I practice “Dwell on the beauty of life”. It lets me to live mindfully with appreciation.

My sailing around the world has been stopped. I am happy that I am here in Mexico not in French Polynesia at this moment, living on the boat. Mexico is pretty free and laid back with COVID restrictions. There are tourists, tour boats, organized tours etc.

We hear the stories from sailors in French Polynesia. COVID lockdowns in South Pacific region limit cruisers plan/life. Consumer prices are very high in that area. Going to another country from there is not possible as lockdowns continue in most islands in South Pacific.

Our plan is unknown. New plans are evolving. After recovering from a year of torso pain, I am back to pumping adrenaline work-out. Due to hot weather, I start it before sunrise. It makes my day energetic and positive by doing warm-up, muscle tuning, and fast walking. When the Sun rises and before the temperatures skyrocket, I finish with Tai Chi practice/Yoga. Hooray!

My home (Bad Bunny) has been pampered for next journey. La Cruz Marina, Mexico
VIP Yacht Club (round building ground floor), Office (2nd Floor), and Restaurant (Top Floor) in La Cruz Marina, Mexico
Inside of VIP Lounge (My Favorite), La Cruz Marina, Mexico

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