Full Moon Sailing to St. Croix, Ted Talks

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Pascal

Early Morning Selfie after Meditation, Sailing on the way to Saint Croix, US Virgin Island

(May 30 to 31, 2018) Night sailing from St. Martin to St. Croix, about 100 miles for 20 hours. Wind speed and direction led us effortlessly downwind sailing following in one direct line. As the full moon brightened the open ocean, only a few stars were visible. Gazing at the stars, I imagined the distance between the stars and I. What kind of lives there could be beyond the universe?

When we sail at night, my watch is from 2 am till 8 am. When John woke me up for my watch, I was in a deep dream. I wanted to sleep more but I know he has been up since…? Making a cup of coffee, I came out to the cockpit and set my timer on for every 20 minutes. When the timer beeps, I checked the ocean and the boat. Earlier when we left St. Martin, there were two Cruise Ships behind of us on the AIS screen: “Allure of the Seas” and “Harmony of the Seas”. They were far gone to somewhere. They move three to four times faster than we sail.

Sailing without Mainsail from Saint Martin (SMX), French Island to Saint Croix (STX), US Virgin Island

When I go on watch, the cats meow expecting a spoonful of canned tuna, their regular morning treat! They walk around the inside of the boat and sometimes play with each other. After I fed them, I took my Sony tablet and started to watch a “Ted Talk” Podcast which I downloaded prior to this trip. It is my recent hobby, listening to Podcasts. Each “Ted Talk” Podcast is about 10 minutes, short and concise. It lets me learn about various topics and trends. At dawn, I made ‘Zen’ moment, morning meditation surrounded by a big ocean.

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