Hiking in El Valle in the Central Panamanian Region

View of La India Dormida Mountain from Anton Valley, Panama

(October 12, 2020) We have been in Panama for far too many months. This is the longest time I personally have ever stayed in one place (other than in my home or on the boat visiting multiple countries.) As of today, Panama finally opened the international airport. Lockdown started on March 25, 2020, due to COVID-19. Freedom is great. I am finally able to breathe again; instead of choking on imprisonment, I feel the breath of fresh air and liberty.

Today, we went hiking at El Valle (La India Dormida Trail/Sleeping Indian Trail in Anton Valley). We didn’t complete the trail as our shoes were slippery. It drizzled so the trail was wet and a bit treacherous. There are many waterfalls on the trail. Lush tropic greenery, the scent of the earth, the sound of the waterfalls, and the sight of pure nature gave us so much happiness in these otherwise unsettled times.

<Trip Details>

  • Around 7 AM: Left Vista Mar Marina and walked to the bus stop through Vista Mar Commercial Vehicle Entrance
  • Took a bus to Las Uvas (Cost 50 cents/person)
  • Took a bus to El Valle (Cost $1.50/Person)
  • Get off at Central in El Valle (near the fresh market) and walked to the trail. (Ask people Piedra Pintada-meaning Petrography)
  • 9:50 AM: We were at the La India Dormida Trail entrance
  • There are three levels of hiking on the trail. It starts Easy Green, Medium Yellow, and Red Difficult. We didn’t do Red one because our shoes were not suitable. The trail was wet and slippery because of rain/drizzling.
  • 12:15 PM: Lunch, after hiking, we came back to the El Valle town and had a Panamanian style lunch.
  • 2 pm: Back to marina. We took a bus to San Carlos and walked back to Vista Mar Marina (Cost $3.65 for two people-strange figure)
Water Fall at the Beginning of the India Dormida Trail, Anton Valley, Panama
La India Dormida Trail Entrance, Anton Valley, Panama
Trail was well maintained. La India Dormida Trail, Anton Valley, Panama
Fresh Market, Center of Anton Valley, Panama

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