Living with 24 Hour Curfew in Panama

Practice as if my life is depended on it.

Meditation Practice, Vista Mar Marina, San Carlos, Panama
Melanie is from Germany on S/V Tore, She and her husband took two years of sabbatical from work in order to sail around the world. They need to go back to work by November but no one knows when we can sail again.

Before flying to Panama, living in Fort Lauderdale, I attended Tai Chi classes at the Broward Wellness Center (Broward General Hospital). I found it takes a long time to learn Tai Chi. Prior to learning Tai Chi, I practiced Yoga for years. I regularly practice “Meditation”. Somehow, learning Tai Chi has been a slow progress for me.

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, my Tai Chi teacher, James Cravens (, Tel: 954-326-6505 in Florida) made Video Lessons and emailed them to his students. Luckily, I am able to practice his lessons remotely in Panama. He suggested everyone “Practice as if my life is depended on it.” This has been my mantra overcoming my downtime in COVID19 Pandemic lockdown in Panama.

Melanie and I have been practicing Yoga following an Audio Yoga Lessons from my Yoga Studio in Fort Lauderdale ( Now, her husband Jan also practices with us.
Well Stocked Toilet Paper on April 1, 2020 in a Local Grocery Store “Rey” Supermarket
Coronado, Panama
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