Preparing for Sailing to Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Free Fish from Ocean, Fishermen, Our Neighboring Boat! Our cats were happy!!!

(January 15, 2021) We are back to the marina. A month long get-away in Las Perlas, was a reboot of our dreams which were fading during this COVID lockdown. Most of the islands/countries in South Pacific and New Zealand are still closed. Now, we know where to sail this year. It is going to be the Sea of Cortez/Baja California in Mexico. We thought about sailing to Chile from Panama but it is extremely challenging and a long way to go for an unknown reception.

Again, Panama announced extending Lockdowns until March 15th, 2021. In this province, we have a complete weekend lockdown from 9pm Friday to 4am Monday. Women’s grocery shopping days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Men are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With a month of sailing in Las Perlas, we ran out of fruits and veggies. My total cash spending for a month was $15 ($10 for lobsters and $5 for bananas from island people). The only produce I have now, are one onion, some carrots, and lots of garlic.

We received a shipment of 6 boxes from the United States containing lots of miscellaneous items (boat parts, chemicals for painting, wire, wood veneer, an anchor shank, and etc.) John went nuts on flashlights, and we now have more LED flashlights than room to keep them. He says it is a guy thing.  Current plan is departing in February

Fishermen gave me these fish at dawn as their net was behind of our boat, Isla Casaya, Las Perlas, Panama
Local Fishing Boat. It seems fishermen always work at night, from Sunset to Sunrise, Las Perlas, Panama
Shells on the Rock, Isla Pedro Gonzales, Las Perlas, Panama
Weird Looking Rocks, Isla Casaya, Las Perlas, Panama
Isla Pedro Gonzales, Las Perlas, Panama
Swell Bridle Anchoring Method. It was too rolly at night so we had to anchor side way. It helped a lot. Isla Veveros, Las Perlas, Panama
Isla Pedro Gonzales, Las Perlas, Panama
Isla Pedro Gonzales, Panama
with John at Isla Casaya, Las Perlas, Panama (*There are no houses this side of the island so we were able to walk on the beach. One island didn’t allow us to walk because of COVID Lockdown.)
Sunrise at my Favorite Island, Isla Otoque, Panama

A lone seal was measuring the distance to our boat. I chased him away for about 30 minutes not welcoming on aboard. Isla Otoque (22 miles east from Vista Mar Marina), Panama

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