Sailing from the Canary Islands to Cabo Verde – Day 5

(December 2, 2017) My night watch started one hour early today at 1am when John was trying to communicate to another boat via a VHF radio. This sailboat was right behind of us getting closer. He wanted them to know it. He spoke to the other boat and they changed their course to pass astern of us. This sailboat is 1.5 times longer than our boat (22 meters = 70 feet), making 9-11 knots of speed.

We have strong winds (15-20 knots) and bigger waves (2-3 meters = 6-9 feet) today. For safer and more comfortable night sailing, we lowered the Main Sail (First Reef) and rolled in the Jib Sail making both sails smaller. We are sailing twice as fast now as the average speed of the last four days. Our present sailing speed is 6-8 knots. Waves are coming from almost astern of the boat making us surf with the waves. It seems we have about 40 hours to sail to our destination. Not wanting to arrive at night, we may have to sail slower. We will decide later today.

When the sea is rough, I try not to read or to use my computer much; because when I do, I get seasick. Earlier, while using my computer to download the weather forecast, I started feeling nauseated. As soon as I got the weather files, I went outside to get some fresh air. After feeling normal, I am writing my sailing log. Somehow, I am encouraged to update this sailing trip daily. Time to get some fresh air watching the moon and stars.

Kay Chung @0400 UTC on Saturday, December 02, 2017
GPS Position @N20’44″/W21’11”

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