95 Express Bus and Public Transportation in South Florida

Metromover, a Free Automated Train, Downtown Miami, Florida, USA

Traffic is heavy and driving is stressful in South Florida; yet is not easy to live without a car here. Many people would like to use Public Transportation but prefer to drive because of the added time as the schedules and locations are not really convenient.

Starting year 2019, the sales tax will be increased from 6% to 7% in Broward County, Florida. People voted for it to improve the Public Transportation System. I am anxious to see the result of the tax increase. We know most taxes go only one direction (UP) and hardly ever down, even during the best economic times. I do not think Governments practice saving money for rainy days.

For the last four years, I have been sailing overseas. As I had gotten rid of my car, whenever I visited my home in Fort Lauderdale, I often used Public Transportation. For long distance, I used Tri-Rail, Miami Metro, Brightline Fast Train, and 95 Express Bus. I didn’t take buses in Broward County because the route doesn’t work well at my location. Instead, I rode my bike a lot. When I had to, I rented a car. The problem with renting a car is the rental car insurance. It is too expensive. Renting a car only with a credit card insurance, I didn’t feel comfortable.

Hanging Plants, PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami), Downtown Miami, Florida, USA

Recently, I noticed there are more people using Tri-Rails. One day, the train was very crowded during a rush hour. I barely squeezed my bike in a designated space in a Tri-Rail. It is good to see more people using Public Transportation though. When more people using the system, I am sure it will be more convenient.

Among all, I think the best deal is “95 Express Bus”. (http://95express.com/express-bus/) It cost $2.65 from Fort Lauderdale (Broward Blvd/I-95) to Downtown Miami. It took 40 minutes in the morning leaving 7:15 am. The return trip around 3:50 pm, took 1 hour from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. There is an ample parking space (free) at the Broward Bus Stop.

Freedom Tower, Downtown Miami, Florida, USA

New Condo Buildings near PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami), Downtown Miami, Florida, USA

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